DREAMBUILDER 2018 – Centro Cultural Sampedrano


As a Binational Center that looks forward to empower women and help them become entrepreneurs, Centro Cultural Sampedrano hosted for the first time the online program DreamBuilder for women entrepreneurs. 25 women were selected to be part of this free program, advancing for 9 days with the online program and also receiving useful talks and testimonies. We had a total of 9 sessions from October 20, 2018 to December 8, 2018 in CCS’ Computer Lab. We had the closing ceremony on December 14, 2018 in CCS’ Galería Colibrí at 3:00 PM. This activity involved other organizations like the U.S. Embassy which was sponsor, ODEF Financiera, Voces Vitales.

Emely Guerra culture event coordinator with the enterprising.

The participants were all around ages 25 to 50. They live in Honduras in some neighborhoods like Colonia Modelo, Zapotal del Norte, Pradera, Cofradía, Villeda Morales, Sitradima, Choloma, Bosques de Jucutuma, Bo. Cabañitas, La Lima, La Paz, La Unión, Satélite, among others, which are for the most part, high risk areas.

20 out of the 25 participants that began the program, made it and were able to receive their certificate. 7 of them already had their business (5 of which were not registered): laundry, crafts, food, cafeteria, piñatas, clothing, and accessories. 5 of them did not know hot to use a computer before the program, or they had difficulties doing so. The rest of them had already an idea for their businesses, but had not received programs or trainings related to entrepreneurship.

The mentors that collaborated during the program each Saturday were Nulvia Ramirez from ODEF Financiera S.A., Perla Rodríguez from ODEF Financiera S.A., and María Dolores Puerto from Voces Vitales. They helped the participants during their learning as entrepreneurs, and also gave talks on topics like: leadership, self-esteem, testimonies, marketing, how to become an entrepreneur, accounting, administration, social media, legal requisites, financing, organization, and customer service.

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